Feedback is welcome, but not required. I will read it. And I will usually* reply.


*Here are some scenarios that might prevent me from replying:

  • You don't enter your email address, or enter it incorrectly.
  • You have an email-blocking spam filter that requires some kind of song and dance before you'll accept email from me (e.g. Earthlink's setup).
  • You're sending a press release or anything resembling a pitch; because of the volume of pitches, I will reply only if I think it's worth your time and mine.
  • You're saying something silly based on having misread something I wrote.
  • You're writing to ask whether there's a store in your neighborhood that sells a certain product, or about the difference between a kangaroo and wallaby, or anything else that you could just as easily look up on your own.
  • You're writing to disagree with opinions I expressed in Slate columns several years ago. Also, ideas for Ad Report Card should be directed to someone currently associated with Slate.
  • The fate of the free world depends on me not replying to you, even though I really, really want to.