Launched in February 2019, Human Resource is a work-advice column for

Maybe your boss is a jerk. Maybe the team you manage has weird internal conflicts. Maybe you’re on the fence about your next career move. Maybe your cubicle neighbor is driving you bananas.

One way or another, we all work—and we could all use a little work advice now and then.

Introducing “Human Resource,” Lifehacker’s new work advice column, written by journalist Rob Walker. You may know Rob from his previous wisdom-dispensing role as “The Workologist” at the New York Times from 2013 to 2018. He’s also written several books, including The Art of Noticing, which comes out in May.

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The first column, How To Get Fired, introduced some core elements of the Human Resource philosophy — and addresses how it felt to get the boot from a job as a work-advice columnist.

What should you do before you get fired—in what kind of state do you want to be, in other words, when the bad news arrives? This is a test (one I certainly never asked for) of how some of my general, all-purpose rules play out when the worst happens.

Columns will be collected here; I post them on Twitter and Facebook.