Illustration by Gracia Lam.

Since August 2013, I’ve been writing a workplace advice column called The Workologist, for The New York Times. Here’s the original announcement:

The C.E.O., the cubicle dweller, the summer intern, the Starbucks-telecommuter — everyone in the modern workplace has something in common: We all need advice sometimes.

Beginning in August, a new Sunday Business column by Rob Walker will offer help. Whether you’re wrestling with a career issue, trying to finesse delicate office politics, or are just flummoxed by one of the countless workaday irritations of life on the job, send your questions to workologist@nytimes.com.

You can request that your name be withheld for publication, but we may need to reach you for clarification, so please include your name and daytime contact information.

It’s been a very fun column to write, largely because it’s all about the questions. Sometimes that means I’m very lucky that readers ask such interesting things; sometimes that means I’m really stressed out because I’m not getting good queries. So don’t be shy!

The column also appears regularly in the Seattle Times

Here are some radio/podcast appearances: Workologist on WNYC Brian Lehrer ShowWorkologist on KERA Think; Workologist on Savage Lovecast, and again; Workologist on When To Jump; and Workologist on MPR News with Kerri Miller (earlier, and earlier still).

In February 2018, the column moved to a weekly (as opposed to every other week) schedule.

In November 2018, the column moved to the Monday business section for the rest of the year; the column will conclude at the end of 2018.

I post each column on my Facebook page. There’s now an official archive on The Times’ site, but I will continue collecting them here (partly because I wish I had done that for Consumed), in reverse chronological order. See below.