Illustration by Gracia Lam.

From August 2013 to December 2018, I wrote a workplace advice column called The Workologist, for The New York Times. Per the original announcement:

The C.E.O., the cubicle dweller, the summer intern, the Starbucks-telecommuter — everyone in the modern workplace has something in common: We all need advice sometimes.

Beginning in August, a new Sunday Business column by Rob Walker will offer help. Whether you’re wrestling with a career issue, trying to finesse delicate office politics, or are just flummoxed by one of the countless workaday irritations of life on the job, send your questions to [REDACTED]. 

The column also appeared regularly in the Seattle Times. And here are some Workologist radio/podcast appearances: Workologist on WNYC Brian Lehrer ShowWorkologist on KERA Think; Workologist on Savage Lovecast, and again; Workologist on When To Jump; and Workologist on MPR News with Kerri Miller (earlier, and earlier still).

In February 2018, the column moved to a weekly (as opposed to every other week) schedule. In November 2018, the column moved to the Monday business section before concluding at the end of 2018.

There’s now an official archive on The Times’ site, but I’ve built my own (partly because I wish I had done that for Consumed), in reverse chronological order. See below.