1603947Titans of Finance (published by Alternative Comics) is a nonfiction comic book about money and business. The stories collected in its pages — stories of outsized egos, astonishing hubris, shameless greed — are not only true, they’re too good to be made up. It’s a new and groundbreaking merger of reality — straight from the business pages — and comix: True tales from the world of big money, filtered through America’s most populist medium.

  • Here is a sample Titans story.
  • Here is Titans co-creator Josh Neufeld’s site.
  • Titans of Finance is (usually) available from from Amazon.com. It is also available as an iPad app.

Here’s what others have said about Titans of Finance:

A brilliant use of the medium.
— James J. Cramer, former hedge fund manager; journalist; founder of TheStreet.com

These accounts of the lives of the sometimes rich and frequently unscrupulous hit the mark with their irony and sharp observations.
— Harvey Pekar, author/creator of American Splendour

Dissections of executive arrogance and mismanagement. … Superman never pounded businessmen-gone-bad the way Titans of Finance does.
— James M. Pethokoukis, U.S. News & World Report

Sharp and fearless. The comic book is hilarious — or it would be if it weren’t all true. Recommended reading.
— Nell Minow, The Corporate Library

I have always been fascinated by the men behind the curtain, the actual faces that make up faceless corporations. Titans of Finance is an amazing and much needed work that shows that the machine is made not only made of real people, but made of really odd people. My only complaint is that I didn’t think of it first.
Rich Mackin, author of Dear Mr. Mackin

Junk finance, with pictures.
The New York Times

A delightful book, fascinating reading, and an amazing accomplishment. A+.
— Cliff Biggers, Comics Buyers Guide

— The (New Orleans) Times-Picayune

A tad preachy at times.
— Ken Kurson,author of the Green Magazine Guide to Personal Finance, in Money Magazine

A fine antidote to the free-enterprise hype ladled out by ‘capitalist tool’ media outlets like Forbes and Money. … Hilarious.
— Scott Gilbert, Comics Journal